Town of Cavendish

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The voters of the Town of Cavendish approved of a bond issue in late August, the purpose of which was to construct a 150 kW photovoltaic array to be located on town land. Construction is now complete and the array is on-line!  The photovoltaic field has been placed on the south facing slope just to the south of the wastewater treatment facility. The array generates net-metered electric power which is fed into the Green Mountain Power grid and results in the project generating enough revenue (in the form of energy bill credits) to pay down the note and to reduce the electrical consumption costs of the various Town of Cavendish facilities that are serviced by Green Mountain Power. This is a cost effective strategy which will benefit the town for many years to come.


The contract for the construction was awarded to Prudent Living of Windsor, Vermont and Prudent Living, along with partners Res-Tec and Brite-Lite Electric, have recently completed the construction.



Thanks go to all of the good folks involved in developing and constructing the project and to the Select Board, the Energy Committee and the taxpayers of the Town of Cavendish for support and approval. Thanks also goes to all who came out to the numerous meetings held on the project and who took the time to consider Cavendish's energy future and the development of a 21st century energy strategy for the Town of Cavendish.


Additional information on the solar installation will soon be available on this site including a hyperlink to a web page which will display details of the system and allow visitors to see the amount of energy that the array is producing in real-time (updated every 15 minutes) and how much electrical energy has been produced since start-up.

Interested in photovoltaic (PV) but don't know much about it?The link below will take you to a Solar PV 101 video which you may find helpful.

Cavendish Village Gets New Streetlight Heads


You may notice a minor change at night while driving through the Cavendish village area. The streetlight lamp arms and heads have been switched from mercury vapor and metal halide to modern, and much more energy efficient, LED style. The light produced is approximately the same (in terms of lumens of light cast and light color), but the energy needed to power those lights is significantly less. For the most part, the lights are located in the exact same locations as previously. There are a couple of minor changes, such as a better illumination of the Rt. 131 / Whitesville Road intersection to increase safety and the elimination of two non-essential, non-village lights on Route 131. The changeover was accelerated by an Efficiency Vermont grant that the Town (with the assistance of the Energy Committee) applied for and obtained. We have already seen a reduction on the tariff to run the new fixtures and we project the cost of town's street lighting for the Cavendish village area will be almost $2,000 per year less!